JSON Files UpdatesJSON Files Updates

Manage JSON files that are part of the installation package or present on the target machine without writing any code.

Update XML filesUpdate XML files

Insert, replace or remove elements and attributes in XML files.

SQL Database supportDatabases

On install configure servers and deploy SQL scripts. Discover and list MS SQL Servers on the network.

Build Patches for your applicationsPatches

Point-and-click wizard to build patches for updating your product.

Visual Dialog EditorDialog Editor

Visually customise existing installer dialogs or create new ones from scratch.

Text File UpdatesText File Updates

Insert, replace or remove strings in any text file installed by your package or already present on the target machine.

Enhanced MSI user interfaceEnhanced UI

A rewritten native, MSI external UI implementation offering updated looks and additional controls.

EXE to MSI Convert EXE installers to MSIs

Powerful wizard will convert any EXE setup into an MSI ready for network deployment through Active Directory.

Direct Table EditorDirect Table Editor

Visually edit your MSIs at database table and row level.

Merge Module creationMerge Module creation

Package the independent components as stand-alone MSM files.

Software Trials and LicensingTrials and Licensing

Add trial and licensing support to your application in just a few simple steps.

System DriversDrivers

Specify drivers for install using the latest Windows Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx).

Support for publishing Web Applications using Microsoft Web Deploy.Microsoft Web Deploy

Publish Web Applications to Microsoft Azure and IIS from installers using Microsoft Web Deploy.

Add-in Installer TemplatesOffice Add-ins

Easily create installers for popular software platform extensions, plug-ins and add-ins using the included specialized templates.

Task schedulerScheduler

Create and fully configure tasks to be run by the native Windows Scheduler service.

Iconautorun AutoRun

Quickly enable your product to AutoRun from CDs and DVDs. Customizable launcher.

Games Explorer & Media Center integrationGames Explorer & Media Center

Register and integrate your games in Windows 7/Vista Game Explorer and Media Center.

Configure Windows FirewallWindows Firewall

Add your application to the exception list during installation, and remove it during uninstallation.

Embedded ChainersEmbedded Chainers

Embed multiple MSIs in a unified package and install them in a single transaction.

SharePoint InstallersSharePoint

The included wizard will painlessly create standard MSI installers to deploy SharePoint solutions.

MST TransformsTransforms

Capture user input during an install or the differences between two MSI databases.