Advanced Installer’s Complete
Integration with Microsoft
Visual Studio

Build and configure MSI and MSIX packages using Visual Studio.

Free Advanced Installer Extension for Visual Studio *Migrate Visual Studio Setup ProjectsMSBuild and Azure DevOps for any CI/CD pipeline* This feature is available starting with the Freeware Edition.
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Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio

Pure Technology’s story of migrating from Microsoft Visual Studio Setup Projects to Advanced Installer.

If you want a quality installer product that “just works” and is easy to use and packed with features, I strongly recommend Advanced Installer. In less than 15 minutes, I had an installation package that was ready to go.

Take it from me – don’t waste valuable time trying to find another solution – use Advanced Installer and spend your hours doing something more productive with your life or enjoy that time with family, friends, or just sleeping.

Scott McClannahan,
Owner of Pure Technology Inc.

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How Does it Work?

Building installers for Windows Applications with
Advanced Installer, Visual Studio, and Azure DevOps

Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio road
Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio step 1
Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio step 2
Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio step 3
Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio step 4
Advanced Installer integration with Visual Studio step 5
1. Create a new project
2. Edit your application details
3. Add the solution output
4. Generate your installer package
Note: You can build multiple setup files (MSI, MSIX) from the same project.
5. Setup the Azure DevOps pipeline
Note: Check out the Advanced Installer extensions for Azure DevOps.

Advanced Installer helps developers and ISVs to package large applications made up of countless lines of code

Create MSI and MSIX Installers Using our Free Visual Studio Extension

.NET Core

.NET Core deployment

  • .NET Core automatic profile detection
  • Customizable output
.NET Core

Azure DevOps Integration

Azure Dev Ops

Import Visual Studio Solutions

  • Custom template for Visual Studio Applications to jumpstart your installer project.
  • Automatic Dependency Detection
  • VSTO packaging
  • Create an installation for a Visual Studio Extension (VSIX package)

Migrate your Visual Studio Setup Projects

  • Dedicated Wizard for importing Visual Studio Setup Project
  • Re-use your old code and speed up the migration
  • Continue customizing your setup from Advanced Installer’s GUI after you migrate your Visual Studio Setup Project.
  • Import MSI and MSM Setup projects

Discover What Sets Advanced Installer Appart

Icon GUI

Very Strong and Intuitive GUI

Advanced Installer is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool that lessens the complexity of installation packaging through a user-friendly interface that displays intuitive checkboxes and options rather than flags and properties.

Icon Product Updates

Frequent Product Updates

Advanced Installer releases a new version each month to stay up with the newest changes in the constantly growing packaging industry.

Icon Consulting

Outstanding Customer Support

Advanced Installer's outstanding customer service team is one of its most prominent features. We know that customer satisfaction is vital to business success, which is why it is embedded in our mission statement, which puts a high-priority in being customer-focused.

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Advanced Installer Freemium allows you to create basic MSI installers.

To create complex installers you might need a higher edition.

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