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Unlimited MSI builds for your application softwareDeploy your software to an unlimited number of usersImports from Visual Studio, InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSISCreate or import Merge ModulesDefine project templates100% compliant installers that run flawlessly on Windows 10, 11 and all the other previous versionsComplete list of features available here

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Every month, over 100.000 developers
Use our Free Windows Installer to build and update their MSI packages

Included in Advanced Installer FREE

Create MSI packages for both commercial and non-commercial purposes Deploy your software to an unlimited number of users Use the free Visual Studio official extension to build MSIs from your favorite IDE Leverage our command-line interface (CLI) to integrate with any build automation system Check out the full list of freeware features.
Included in Advanced Installer FREE

Thanks for the free Advanced Installer tool, a breeze to use! [Built a package in about 1/2 an hour.. took me 4 WEEKS to build a Debian package .. :]

I have 3 decades of programming experience. I know a good piece of software when I see it. It not only worked out of the box with very little investment of time...


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How to get Advanced Installer FREE

  1. Download and install Advanced Installer.
  2. For the first thirty days, you will have access to all the premium Advanced Installer features as included in the Trial version.
  3. We provide a single setup package for all our editions. As you install it, sign up for a free account to get unlimited access to our Freeware edition.
  4. Now, create a "Simple" project as detailed in our tutorial to build your MSI package.

The Freeware edition allows you to create only "Simple" template projects. All the other project templates require one of our commercial licenses. If you'll try to create a project using one of those templates you will start getting trial messages - just go back to creating/editing a "Simple" project and the trial message will go away.

Who's using our Free Windows Installer tool?

The Advanced Installer freeware edition is the perfect MSI packaging solution for young applications. From school projects to startups with tight budgets or for a small line of business applications built by your team.

Who use Advanced Installer

I like the approach of Advanced Installer: quick, simple, and powerful.

And this is free!!! Well, that's just a bonus.


If you’re just getting started with MSI packaging, read first our best practices guide on how to build MSI packages like a pro.

Comercial Version

When to consider the commercial version?

While your application grows, so do its deployment requirements.

The installer is the first interaction new users have with your application. The commercial editions from Advanced Installer are tailored to improve this experience starting with crucial support for automatic updates, dependencies deployment, licensing support, and many more other features designed to save your time.

Check out our side-by-side Features comparison page and identify the edition you need to build the best Windows installers.

We've been building Advanced Installer for almost two decades, and we plan to grow it for at least another two decades.

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Every month, over 100.000 developers Use Advanced Installer Freeware to build and update their MSI packages.