Appv editorApp-V 5.x Editor

Advanced Installer's App-V Editor exclusively enables you to open, edit and save App-V 5.x packages from an easy to use GUI or CLI. Using our high level interface you will be able to configure various elements in the App-V package:

Product DetailsRegistryFile AssociationsServices
Install Parameters Files and FoldersEnvironment VariablesCOM

App-V 5.x CLI Editor

Use the TweakAppV.exe command line interface tool as a scripting alternative to the graphical interface editor. Various command options are available allowing you to include fully automated edit scripts into your build system. Read more.

When to use the App-V Editor?

The App-V Editor is especially useful to perform minimal package changes on the fly. It relieves the burden of having to maintain an intermediate project file. Resequencing is not required, saving lots of time.

NoteFor a long term solution which implies complex changes, the recommendation is to migrate to an Advanced Installer project using the App-V Import.