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Who we are

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Advanced Installer is a MSI authoring and repackaging software, used by developers and IT professionals around the world.

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Over the last fifteen years Caphyon has created user-friendly, reliable and secure software applications for developers and Internet professionals.
Advanced Installer is the Windows Installer creation software of choice for countless developers worldwide, with capabilities ranging from MSI authoring and repackaging to emerging technology platforms such as Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Designed for performance and ease of use, it ensures a great return of investment for companies, reducing time wasted in creating the setup packages and leaving more time for product development.

Brand Resources

The following guide will show you the general rules about using our brand assets and showcasing the product.
Our logo comes in two styles
MonocolorWhen placed over an image, or any colored background, always use the monocolored logo version.
ColorThe colored logo version is reserved for white backgrounds only.
To ensure that the logo icon is recognisable and the text remains legible, please do not go any smaller than 35 pixels on height.