Our company began with Wise and InstallShield, way back. As these tools progressively became more complex and expensive, we went hunting for something more developer-friendly. InnoSetup was free but lacking. When Microsoft introduced AppX and packaging, there was little sophistication. That's when we discovered Advanced Installer.

We have been using Advanced Installer for over 15 years now. I have an army of install scripts and am still amazed at how I can build custom installations that cover nearly every possible prerequisite and condition.

Advanced Installer has impressively kept pace with the development world, its needs, vagaries, and difficulties. There is literally nothing I cannot customize with my installers.

But the true clincher is the support. As Advanced Installer has become more complex and complete over time, the support team has always been there at every turn to answer questions, provide advice, fix bugs (including mine!), and more. No question is too difficult, and no issue has ever gone unresolved. This level of support is what we aspire to offer our customers.

I cannot recommend Advanced Installer highly enough.

Geoff Schaller - Director, Software Objectives

Service and support unquestionably superior to most high tech companies today.

Regarding an issue related to Advanced Installer's Visual Studio extension, the response and continued efforts to rectify the problem were very impressive. Once identified as out-of-date documentation, I was informed within days that the matter was being resolved and that a new release would correct the documentation.

Service the old-fashioned way when companies actually listened to their customers and took steps to satisfy the identified issues.

Thank you for an excellent experience, unfortunately so rare these days.

A.F.Donato, IBM Systems Software Engineer

We have nothing but praise for Advanced Installer and the technical support we have received.

Not only is the product extremely versatile and easy to use even for novices, but Caphyon is one of only three businesses whose customer service we have found to be exceptional. The other two are Shopify and Monday.com, both of which are huge businesses with large teams of dedicated support technicians.

We believe that Caphyon's product and technical support have guaranteed our patronage for life.

Alec Milton - Managing Director of Dinamich Ltd – the home of CloudFiler

I've been using Advanced Installer for over 10 years now, and it's always been a great platform to work with. I've tried other installers, but there was always something that didn't quite measure up.

Now, in our company, we exclusively use Advanced Installer and have no plans to switch to anything else. I also want to highlight the amazing support. No matter what question you have, you'll receive help in record time.

Advanced Installer is the perfect solution for both novice and experienced developers alike.

Mrs. Nathalie Alvarez - Senior Software Engineer, Geoscanners AB

As a solo developer with a passion for programming and scripting, I've tried numerous deployment tools in my quest for the perfect fit.

That search ended when I discovered Advanced Installer.

The interface is easy to understand and very intuitive, and there are plenty of templates to get you started.

The new GUI from v. 20.3 (based on WinUI is super cool and nice - and I can't wait for the new step in the application’s update).

After just a few starts I was able to create a standard deployment in 15 minutes or less, and even more complex ones take far less time than they did with other installer tools.

Features like custom dialogs, digital signature management, and software licensing make Advanced Installer a top choice for developers at any level. Plus, their amazing support team is always there to assist with any questions or concerns.

With Advanced Installer, I can easily create different types of packages, register additional features, and customize the installation. It's simply the best tool for modern and high-quality installers.

Bonus: the tool is free of charge for open-source projects. Thank you, Advanced Installer, for making my job easier and more enjoyable!”

Michael Morten Sonne - Security specialist in Operational security

I have been using Advanced Installer for more than two years, and I find this tool really helpful and powerful.

It makes my job easier by allowing me to create different types of packages, register additional features along with general applications and customize the installation.

I am thankful that I can contact premium support whenever I need help that is beyond tutorials and documentation. The support team is really professional and always provides a clear explanation.

This saves me time and headaches.

Many thanks to the Advanced Installer support team, who are there for us, helping customers who need quick reaction and advice on the best way to use the tool!

Bozhidar Aleksandrov - Team lead Developer, STP Information Technology EOOD

Why Advanced Installer

  • Easy to use and setup
  • User uninstall surveys
  • Support of .Net, MS SQL, Windows Installer
  • Great analytics


  • Easy to update software for users
  • Easy to create and upload new installers
  • It helps us patch our software quickly and easily when needed

We wanted something easy, fast, and reliable for our installer, updater, and analytics, and Advanced Installer was the only choice.

Why Installer Analytics

  • Tracking on installs and uninstalls
  • Surveys sent to users on uninstall
  • Demographic data on users
  • Install data organized by software version numbers


  • Clarity on how our software is performing
  • Insight into who is using our software and why
  • Insight into why someone is uninstalling our software and what we can do to fix it
James Titchener - CTO FxSound, USA

Your software is SO much better and more versatile than what I was using before.

In addition to its capabilities and clean-looking UI, the absolute BEST aspect of Advanced Installer is that I can e-mail you and get a helpful response within a day.

Thank you for your e-mail support channel. Thank you for all of your great responses.

I feel very comfortable recommending Advanced Installer to anyone looking for an installer program.

I highly recommend it.


OSD365 Limited is a small business located in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. We are a group of application developers, graphics designers, and software deployment engineers.

We focus on end-user workspace technology elements like wallpaper deployments, standard operating environment management, and application packaging.

Advanced Installer is an integral part of our in-house technology stack. We use it internally, but we also recommend Advanced Installer to our private and government clients.

Lastly, if you hit a snag, the Advanced installer team provides an amazing service. In our case, they respond within a few hours.

I highly recommend it.

Topaz George - Director, OSD365 Limited

I've been searching for a tool to create a setup package for old and new software development projects. The requested key features were simplicity, ease of use while being able to handle complex projects. Moreover, we wanted to customize the user interface and, of course, all of these points for the lowest price!

We have discovered Advanced Installer in its Freeware version and did not spend much time before deciding to buy the Enterprise version to unlock all needed features.

What to say? It works and does what it's supposed to do, very well! Low learning curve. I also was impressed by the support team that helps you to resolve any issue and more.

Quality is the master word of Advanced Installer!

Alain Chiorboli - Software Development Manager, Alpha Mos

We've been using Advanced Installer Professional for eight years. Features we appreciate the most are:

  • Flexible file operations. Folder synchronization.
  • Code signing
  • Feature-based installation
  • Automatic prerequisites installation
  • Flexible search rules and custom actions
  • Dialogs (readme, license, shortcuts, etc.)
  • Automatic registration of assemblies
  • Vast command-line support

Integrally, the main outcome is fast and simple deployment of our applications. We use command-line mode to build MSI's, and it does the job perfectly without any setup needed.

Many versions of Advanced Installer have emerged over the years. We read the changelog for all the bugs fixed, and now I've found that we've never encountered those bugs ourselves, having the Advanced Installer running seamlessly, proving it to be the perfect tool to get the job done without wasting your time and nerves.


Advanced Installer is simply the best. Their support is second to none!

Kevin F. O'Connor - CEO & Founder TKO Software Ltd. Vancouver Canada

After ten years, our leading handwriting movement software required a new release. We needed to decide between upgrading our old InstallShield v3 or switching to free or low-cost WiX, JRSoftware by Inno Setup, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS), InstallForge, CreateInstall, InstallSimple, Install-Creator 2, Setup Maker, or Microsoft Visual Studio Installer. The very extended open-source WiX looked good but required a steep learning curve.

At the time of making our final decision, we decided to focus on our main goal: to save the precious time of programmers rather than saving funds. For this reason, we decided to go for the Enterprise Edition of Advanced Installer (AI). Our main determining factors were its options to create multi-language versions, integrate software licensing, merge modules, generate software patches, make XML patches, as well as its convenient dialog editor, and its integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and higher.

We are happy we chose Advanced Installer, especially after our experience with the Advanced Installer Team. Their team always responds promptly to all our specific needs and support requests. We are looking forward to our first release after ten years and can already anticipate that we will be a long-term user of Advanced Installer.

Hans-Leo Teulings - PhD – CEO, NeuroScript, LLC

I have used an open-source packager for my companies' multiple software applications for over six years. As the software and their implementation requirements became more complex, as well as an increased number of codebases in general, it became clear I needed a more robust solution. I evaluated several commercial options to replace the open-source solution I was using.

Advanced Installer ended up being the most intuitive and easy to implement, and I was able to convert one of my installers in just a few minutes. One or two other options may have shown similar results but definitely not at the price point of Advanced Installer. After having a complimentary tutorial to ensure that the packager would fit all of my software distributions criteria, I decided that it was the best option.

Because of the number of software projects we work on, the packager has already paid for itself by saving me a lot of time that would have been spent scripting and troubleshooting with the open-source option.
Overall, it is a great product if you do a lot of distribution or even if you need an easy way to deploy tools for your customers.

Christopher Metting - Technical Lead, AccuStrata

Having used almost all the other installer suits in the market (Inno, InstallAware, NSIS, Visual Studio), I can clearly say that Advanced Installer is the best solution money can buy. You will be highly impressed at first sight how great the user experience is and how meticulously it is designed to create any installation package in minutes.

Thanks to its command line support, you can easily integrate it into your Continuous Integration workflows by taking advantage of custom build actions. I want to thank the team behind it one more time for letting us save a huge amount of time. It is worth every single dime!

Emre Tinaztepe - Managing Director, Binalyze

We have been using Advanced Installer Enterprise since 2014, and it is an excellent product with – more importantly – excellent and very responsive support. Due to the way code signing has changed in quite a fundamental manner, we have had to work closely with the Advanced Installer support team to make things work. Quite a complex process which resulted in providing us with access to early Release Candidates. It was tricky, but they stuck with us and even though we had not upgraded our Advanced Installer version in 5 years, the latest release only required a very tiny change to get our full (and very complex) installer experience up and running.

Jeroen Ritmeijer - CEO, Muhimbi Ltd

Tasked with finding a new install packager and converting over our old installs, I began using various products to see which would meet our needs and quickly discovered that Advanced Installer is by far the most capable and easiest to use.

Since then, Advanced Installer has released new features that have allowed us to solve many pain points we can MSI provide a greater user experience, such as the ability to run MSI packages as an Administrator. Internally, it has saved me a lot of time and upkeep by simplifying the build process with the countless options made available.

Beyond the product itself, the level of support and the vast amount of documentation provided is by far the best I have seen.

Les Collins - Release Specialist, Vertafore Inc

We tried using NSIS, Visual Studio Installer, and other options but settled on Advanced Installer. It has all the features and customizability you could need to get a well designed, branded, and adaptable installer built in half the time most solutions would require. You also don't need a 200-page manual to figure it out. Highly recommended for anyone looking to build a reliable installer for their products.

Greg Gage - CEO & Founder, Zorus

We find Advanced Installer an effortless way to produce installers for our PC software. The program can quickly produce set up files but also provides ways to customize your installer almost any way imaginable. The software was easy to incorporate into our automated release workflow thanks to the powerful command line options available.

Neil Benson - Wide Angle Software Ltd

I am using Advanced Installer for a few years already, and I must say it is a great product. Its full of features and supports the latest trends in software development and latest versions of Windows.

Creating an installer with Advanced Installer is easy and intuitive. You need just a few clicks, and you can have a modern full featured offline or web installer or event UWP installer. Advanced Installer also has a built-in updater that you can use to add to your application updating functionality (full updates, create patches).

Also, last but not least open source project are supported free of charge which is a great asset for all open source developers. Simply Advanced installer is the greatest tool for all that want to make high quality and modern installers.

Dimitar Tsenev - Senior Developer and Creator, Better Explorer

We put out installation files in different languages, and Advanced Installer makes this amazingly easy to do. As time has gone by we, have placed more demands on our installation files and Advanced Installer has always kept pace. It has such an abundance of options that I can’t imagine going back to anything else. If I ever have a problem their technical support solves it in a drop of a hat. I couldn’t be happier.

Martin Balash - Technical Specialist, Zenex Computing Oy

I am a software developer in a company that creates application software for professional patent research. One of my tasks is the development and deployment of setup packages for distinct product lines for different customer companies. Different target platforms cause high requirements for the preparation and test of the deployment packages under different circumstances.

Advanced Installer is an excellent choice to solve these daily challenges with a powerful tool. I am very pleased to have an excellent service and support, which is performed by the crew of Advanced Installer.

Markus Lehner - Dipl. Physicist, Sen. Software Developer, Freelancer to SIP Software for intellectual property GmbH

I am an embedded engineer that has the responsibility of delivering a .NET service tool for devices found around the world. This installation has an ever-growing number of executables, DLLs and data files.

Recently I split the installer in two. One for the executables and DLLs and one for the data files. There were many arcane concepts that Advanced Installer made simple.

I am also impressed by the support offered by Advanced Installer. I am based in the U.S. and support is based ‘across the pond'. If I have a question in the A.M., it is answered the same day. Otherwise, the next morning. The answers are almost always definitive in the first response.

Advanced Installer has not only made installation possible for me; it has made it easy.

John Osen - Ph.D, Senior Principal Software Engineer, The Toro Company

An easy to use product, recommend it to all!

I have used other products, and not only were they hard to use they wanted you to pay even if you were an open source project. These guys at Advance Installer care about Open source projects and are willing to help you deploy your project with ease and peace of mind. And it is easy, you just fill in the product information and hit build! No more scripting, no more painful unknown errors, just easy, and fast deployment. And to top it all off if you have an issue, you can contact them, and they will get back with you as soon as they can. They are a truly caring community. I highly recommend Advanced Installer, they are amazing.

Jeffrey Crowder - Creator/Developer of BeffsBrowser, BeffsBrowser

I'm a one-man shop, and a large part of my business involves creating add-on software for several large ERP solutions. This means I have to be able to deploy on a lot of different platforms, with a lot of different environments, so I started looking for a deployment tool that was easy to use, integrated with Visual Studio, had all the features I needed, was reliable, and had great customer service and support. I tried all of them, but once I began to work with Advanced Installer, my search was over. It fits all my requirements, and the support team at Advanced Installer is second to none.

The interface is easy to understand and very intuitive, and there are plenty of templates to get you started. After just a few starts I was able to create a standard deployment in 15 minutes or less, and even my more complex ones take far less time than they did with my other installer tool. There are tons of options, but I don't have to spend time worrying over each one - Advanced Installer gives me intelligent default choices and makes it very easy to change those when I need to.

They're constantly adding features, so I'm confident that they'll be able to support my version of Visual Studio and Windows, as well as my clients. Advanced Installer includes nice features like software licensing, digital signature management - they even included an auto-updater so I can look just like the big boys!

All in all, if you're looking for a full featured installation tool that's easy to use with great customer support, look no further than Advanced Installer.

Scott McDaniele - Microsoft Access MVP 2009 - 2018, Infotrakker Software

As a leading supplier of ETRM applications, Amphora has standardized on the use of Advanced Installer company-wide. Since implementing a set of automated installers using Advanced Installer, our deployment landscape has changed entirely! A single person running the installers can now accomplish on a 5 server system in less than 2 hours what originally took 3 people 3-5 days to accomplish. The need to edit countless configuration files across multiple servers is gone and our clients now receive a repeatable, consistent installation experience.

Beyond that, the level of support we receive from Caphyon is second to none. Every support question we’ve had has been answered in detail in a timely manner with suggested workarounds to help solve any issues we encounter. To date, no question has gone unanswered! I could not be more pleased with the decision to use Advanced Installer!

Kevin Hargrove - GM of Infrastructure/IT, Amphora, Inc.

After years of using a leading installation software application to create our installations, we had difficulties working with that company to acquire the level of support we needed at an affordable price point. All we needed was a straight-forward, no-nonsense software to create 32-bit and 64-bit installations for our Windows application software. That's exactly what we got with Advanced Installer.

We've used it for many years now, and it's terrific. It offers everything we need and more. With our yearly maintenance contract, the company supplies frequent updates that install flawlessly to keep us up-to-date with the ever-changing computing environment for Windows. Technical support is awesome. On a couple of occasions, we did encounter problems, so we sent an e-mail to technical support and got an answer with the solution in just a couple of hours.

Vic Bovey - AMT Software

We wanted to let you know that we love your software! Our company requires several different install packages for our software installs and Advanced Installer has answered our every need. Thank you so much for your fast and courteous support! It is top notch. Taking the time to actually look at our projects first hand and adjust as needed or guide us in the right direction is unheard of these days, but your team has always come to our rescue when needed. Thank you again for a superb product!

Lindell Reed - Technical Engineer, Huber & Associates

We have Advanced Installer(AI) integrated into our continuous integration and delivery(CID) setup, where each code commit pushed automatically triggers a new AI installation package to be created and subsequently installed (which includes SQL Server database updates; scheduled tasks, Internet Information Services on the host-machines used by the various stages of our staging environment. For us, this process ensures that all of the host-machines (in our staging environment) are running the same version of our product when executing automated unit, integration, end-to-end web-browser tests, and that (if these tests are passed) the same software version is deployed to our internal test environment for human testing.

When we wish to publish a release, it’s a matter of promoting a job in Jenkins, which then causes the said installation package to be deployed to our production environment after which our customers running on-site installations are immediately able to “check for updates” and apply the new version to their production environments.

As you can probably imagine, Advanced Installer is an essential component in our workflow and together with our CID enables us to spend time developing our product rather than on time-consuming, repetitive work which doesn’t add value to the product. AI is pretty easy to use, powerful, versatile enough to cover your needs, and whenever you run into problems (and can’t find the solution on the company’s forum), the support team is great (and nice) to respond to emails.

Adam Barry - Head of Software Development, Auwau

After using countless windows installer technologies, we decided to try out Advanced Installer. It was such a smooth learning curve and did not take us long to get a hang of it and start developing installers right away. AI is always up to date with the latest technologies and with the ever changing Microsoft world, they are always one step ahead.

The support has been fantastic, to say the least! We created some very complex installers with even complex User Interface thanks to AI. The look and feel of Advanced Installer are simply amazing and has left all our customers amazed. AI is fantastic dealing with XML files and the pre-requisites feature is a boon. I hope they come out with installer technology for UNIX based systems too and we will be their first customer for sure!

Pavan Konduru - Dassault Systemes

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Artos Engineering in Brookfield WI. I have been using the Advanced Installer product to create Installations for our Wire Processing Machine Software for nearly 3 years. Overall I have been very impressed by the Advanced Installer Product and their support staff.

My company was originally using an old version of another installation product. After researching many products I decided to switch to the Advanced Installer product. I am very glad that I made that decision. The product and support I have received have exceeded my expectations.

The installation of our software for our automated wire processing machines isn’t your standard installation with different installation needs depending on many different parameters. The support staff for Advanced Installer has always offered excellent solutions for our specific installation requirements.

Our service staff has also been very impressed with the new installation program for our wire processing machine software. The old installation program had steps that were confusing. Our service staff said the new installation was much more streamlined which made their work more efficient.

The Advanced Installer product has fulfilled our installation needs and we look forward to using it for continued improvements in our Wire Processing Machine Software.

Jeff Barrett - Senior Software Engineer, Artos Engineering

As a startup, our company needs to move quickly and save time wherever we possibly can. Advanced Installer has been invaluable in helping us create and update installers for a core piece of our product line.

Initially, we saw Advanced Installer as a short-term solution to save time with its reduced learning curve, but our experience with the product over the past year has been so stellar that we don't see us leaving anytime soon. The level of support, power, and ease of use that come with Advanced Installer are above reproach. Anytime we're hit with an installation challenge, AI and their support team are there for us with a solution. I couldn't imagine using anything else for our product installers!

Robert Christensen - Technical Lead, Simplifeye, Inc

I have been using Advanced Installer to develop my software with since 2004. I tested several programs prior to discovering Advanced Installer and instantly concluded that no other program is as easy to learn as Advanced Installer is. My search ended, and I have been using this program ever since.

Not only is the program easy to learn, but as my needs change and develop, the AI team are also quick to reply with any questions that I may have. They provide helpful advice and examples to guide me through each new process I need assistance with. They take great care of their customers after the sale, which is a difficult attribute to find these days. Advanced Installer values my time as much as I do. Their easy-to-use program and first-rate support reflect this. Bar none.

Marvin Wilson - Webmaster, Marvs Windows

As a Windows Consultant, I need to help my customers to upgrade to the latest Windows versions, this means I have to face many app compatibility issues so they can use them after the OS upgrade. I often test the app, identify the issue, try to understand how it works on Windows and find a way out to mitigate the problem and the app can be installed or ran. After I know how to solve the issue, I always have to package or script the app to run it in the latest Windows version.

This process hadn’t been easy with the available free tools, but then I met Advanced Installer, an amazing solution that makes my job easier: I can repackage the app easily, create MST files for MSI files, create awesome installers, deploy them through MDT or SCCM and even add customizations to the original app like registry keys/values, environment variables, etc.

I really love how Advanced Installer works, and the amazing support they have, because I know I can ask for help without any problem.

Sergio Calderon - MVP Windows and Devices for IT | Windows Insider MVP

We have been using Advanced Installer for the last 3 years. Their product is up to date with many features that are missing in competitive products. After many days of research we decided to go with Advanced Installer, and the freeware version gave us a good overview of the software. We upgraded to the Enterprise edition for needed extra features and we will continue to use the product for the foreseeable future.

Lenard Bartha - Software Engineer, JB Developers, Inc.

We offer custom software development services and always recommend Advanced Installer as a Windows installers building tool. Because it is reasonably priced and super easy to use.Сonsequently, our customers don’t need to get back to us every time they want to add a file, shortcut or change an icon in their installers. Instead, they can do it themselves in an intuitive UI. Either, we can do it for them in a couple of minutes within same Advanced Installer interface instead of editing huge XML config files.

In case you want to do something unusual when integrating AI project into your CI environment - it is still an XML file inside. All these features are priceless if you're having a huge project with hundreds of MSMs, MSIs and EXE installers.

Oleg Feferman - CEO, Existek

We are using Advanced installer for last 5 years and are really happy with the product. Advanced installer is very easy to use and is swift in creating packages.

Advanced installer lets us to create different kind of installer projects and provides easy way to manage the registry, services and different OS flavours.

The support from the Advanced installer team is excellent and they are very responsive in answering queries.

Amarnath Chandran, CurrentWare

As an independent software developer, time is money. Finding an installer package easy to learn with support directly from the creators is almost impossible. I faced this scenario in 2004. After downloading and installing numerous free and trial-based programs, I was left with the impression that this new venture I was on would be impossible. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Advanced Installer. I have been with them ever since. This includes multiple renewals of plans. Each renewal included multiple new features that left me amazed both with the new capabilities and ease of use.

The technical support is bar none. They have always been there for me if a problem arose. Not only do they give me advice, but they also have provided examples to me. By far, this is the most priceless software that I own. It’s irreplaceable. The search ended when I found Advanced Installer.

Marvin Wilson - Web Master, MarvsWindowsTips.com

Having recently found that my existing installer solution didn’t support installing Windows Services, I spent a while researching, downloading and testing all the alternatives.

I found some that just didn’t live up to the hype, others who just didn’t seem to even want to answer simple questions during the evaluation period, and some that just plain didn’t work at all.

Luckily one of the products I tested was Advanced Installer and immediately I was very impressed, they have a well-designed informative website, great documentation and most importantly of all friendly, helpful and responsive support staff who answered all my initial questions.

In no time at all I was creating professional looking installers that worked flawlessly, and that my clients were happy with and even commented how well they worked.

Darren Rose, PC Assist @ Home

As a consultant for many years developing software on contract, I had relied on a competitive product to produce a functional installation package. My company is preparing to release its own software package in the next few months, and my initial thought was to go back to what I know. I found out quickly that technology had completely passed by what I had used in the past, to the point that it was necessary to start research for a new solution, something that would be relatively easy to learn, and was backed by a reputable company. So, off to the races I went, and I began downloading trial packages of various systems.

Advanced Installer was the first product that I evaluated, and I’ll be perfectly honest, after a few conversations with support team during the evaluation stage, it quickly became apparent that I had definitely found the right product. The greatest thing was not having to look further!

I’ll point out just a few of the reasons that I would highly recommend Advanced Installer to any software development team:

1) ease of use – the user interface is presented in such as way as to make building installations an absolute breeze

2) support – the support I’ve been given during evaluation is second to none. To be honest, I’ve found very few organizations that understand that customer satisfaction is paramount to success

3) flexibility – customizations to the interface presented to the end users is straightforward

4) modern look and feel of the final product – upon completion, the installer we’ll be presenting to our customers looks like it was meant for ‘our product’

No need to look elsewhere, and if you’re not sold yet, try looking at pricing – sometimes spending less DOES mean you get more. Not very often, but absolutely the case with Advanced Installer.

Dave Koerner, MK Controls, Inc.

As our old tools couldn’t keep up with the current technology and future requirements, we had to look for a new solution. After trying out several other programs, we discovered Advanced Installer and it didn’t just provide what we have been looking for, Advanced Installer exceeded our expectations by far. It has a clean and easy to use UI and the capability to customize everything to our demands.

The support team responds always fast and is a great help to solve every issue accurate and quickly.

We're working since 4 years with Advanced Installer and we can’t even imagine to stop working with them.

Our first touch with Advanced Installer was back in 2009. We were looking for a powerful tool capable to produce complex installation packages and easy for use at the same time. Advanced Installer happened to be the tool.

The quality of the product in combination with the perfect support, fast and accurate, we get from Advanced Installer team has made our selection of deployment tool very easy task for last 7 years.

Ivaylo Popdontchev, Solaris IT Ltd.

After using other installer tools for years and being constantly frustrated and dissatisfied, I finally broke down and started looking for alternatives. I ended up switching to Advanced Installer and I have never looked back. Advanced Installer's clean, easy-to-use interface and clear documentation made the transition completely painless and even came with cost savings for our company. Even when implementing installer builds with a great deal of complexity, Advanced Installer's design makes it easy to create the solution you need.

There have been a few times where I've needed to reach out for support and I've been continuously impressed with Advanced Installer's support team. They are quick to respond and do so in a detailed manner that clearly shows that they have put in the effort to ensure they understand your question or problem and can help get you back on track with as little trouble as possible. Even in a case where the issue really was in Advanced Installer, they addressed the issue in the very next release and personally notified me the moment that the update was available. In my experience with other products, I have clearly seen that Advanced Installer's support is unparalleled.

Mike Walton - Senior Developer, Blue Earth Interactive

Advanced Installer is a great tool that our company has relied on for a long time, but I only recently started using it myself. When I ran into a small issue that required support recently, I was incredibly impressed at the response time and the proposed solution that ultimately resolved the issue I was having. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that has such a high standard of excellence.

Jacob Wall - Product Manager, MicroSurvey

Whether you are creating a simple install or something more complex with IIS and a remote Database server, Advanced Installer is the tool for you! I have tried the other packages, nothing comes close. The interface is clean, intuitive, and organized. The wizards can guide you along or you can start from scratch. You can be a novice or an expert and anything in between, Advanced Installer will help you create bullet proof installs that are flexible enough for all of your customers to use. With Advanced Installer, I have been able to create solid install packages that anyone on my team can modify, update, and improve without a whole lot of direction because this product just makes sense!

The application isn’t even the best part! Their support is second to none. Those “other” packages have zero support by comparison. Advanced Installer support not only gets you the answers you need, but more often than not, detailed steps with specifics from your own project to provide the solution for you. No need to go read a bunch of KB links the other guys send. AI’s tech team will even send you a sample project you can open with exactly the example you need, often they even simply fix yours for you! Each and every time it is done with a desire to serve the customer and enable the customer to succeed in the future. If reading KB articles and forums is your thing, Advanced Installer has very useful forums loaded with solid examples, tutorials, and specific answers to all kinds of questions. Don’t bother looking anywhere else, Advanced Installer wins hands down!“

Richard Roy - IT Manager, JusticeTrax Inc

Fast Accurate Bids produces software for commercial screen printers, embroiderers, and other apparel decorators to get their customer bids done faster, easier, and with greater confidence in their pricing. After researching a number of different installation software solutions, we selected Advanced Installer because the features it provides handles all our installation needs. We have found since then that they provide excellent customer support as well. They have answered our questions promptly and thoroughly. Purchasing Advanced Installer represents a big investment for a small company like ours but we’re convinced it’s a great value for the money. It has solved all of our installation problems.

Terry Harmer - Software Engineer, Fast Accurate Bids

Having used Advanced Installer for several years now, we have nothing but praise not only for the product but for the technical support team as well. Intimidating installations are now a thing of the past. Advanced Installer’s user interface provides a clean, intuitive, and stream-lined approach to developing installation packages and perfectly suitable for novices, experts, and advanced users alike. We’ve done our homework, our due diligence, and test scenarios. Our conclusion: Advanced Installer is unsurpassed.

What is to say about their technical support team? Excellent? Courteous? Responsive? Detail-oriented? My friends, the answer is, all of the above! Competitively priced, Advanced Installer will more than pay for itself time and time again. Do not bother with the rest, Advanced Installer is the best!

Giovanni Palmiotto - Senior .NET Developer, ADDA TECH SYSTEMS INC

I’ve been making the switch from EXE installers to MSI. The tool I was using to create the EXE installers didn’t allow me to create MSIs. After trying a number of demos, I came across Advanced Installer. It does its job easily, quickly and efficiently, and is capable of WAY more than I need, so I feel sure that there’s room to grow with it.

But what’s impressed me more than that is the quality and depth of support they offer. I’ve been creating EXE installers since the last century but I’m a newb to MSIs. It’s taken me a bit of head-adjustment to get accustomed to the differences between EXE and MSI installers. The excellent help file, forums and most of all, the prompt and thorough response to my email questions. Thanks for a great tool and even better support.

Steve Rindsberg - Founder, PPTools

We’re using Advanced Installer to package all our C# products. It is a great product, it makes it easy to create complex installation procedures. It intuitive and easy to learn. Technical support not only helps you to use the product but also helps you to find solutions to your specific issues. They are fast and friendly. I like using such quality software.

Yann Augustin - Team leader at EXEL INFORMATIQUE

We have been developing automation software for over 20 years and have used many different installer applications. When our previous installer tool’s support ended, we went looking for a replacement. We found Advanced Installer and compared it with both what we had been using and what was available in the market. The features and overall value of Advanced Installer stood out and we’ve been using the tool ever since. Advanced Installer addresses a very important component of our business and we value what Caphyon has done – great work!

Regina Zarr - CEO, Strasis Systems, LLC.

We have been using Advanced Installer for several years now to build our flagship product WealthTrack for financial professionals and we are extremely impressed with the ease of use and stability of the product. We had been using a trial of a competitor's product and when we compared the pricing we were shocked. We tested Advanced Installer and immediately converted. We are always impressed with their customer services and the frequency of product updates. Software deployments used to be a nightmare for us but now they are a pleasure. I would highly recommend Advanced Installer. Five Stars!.

Richard Fitzgerald - Founder & CEO, WealthTrack Software Ltd

When my older install kit packager started to fail (the company no longer supported it) I looked around for a new product. I downloaded and tested a number of products and selected Advanced installer. Essentially for two reasons: it was comprehensive in its features and options and it was simple to understand. After using the package for a few months one thing really stood out. GREAT support services. I didn't have too many problems in determining what features best suited an install for my application, but whenever I did the Advanced Installer Support group was there for me. I got expert timely support in answer to all my questions and now have the install kit I wanted. Many Kudos to the support team.

I've been trying out various installation software, as I've been using the same installation program for over 20 years. Would you like to know how many bugs I encountered while trying out the current version of that program? The answer is... I lost track. Time to kick my old installer brand to the curb. Advanced Installer is looking pretty good.

Mark Lewis - President, Mark Lewis & Associates

I've just purchased Advanced Installer Professional for my company and have been very pleasantly surprised at the level of support I've received. My questions have all been answered in a very prompt manner and the instructions provided have always been to the point, easy to follow and more importantly always solve my issues.

Les Frieden - Owner, Les Frieden Consulting

I use Advanced Installer since 2007. I managed to sell my company (Onigma) to McAfee. As a byproduct I introduced your technology to McAfee. Now I have a new startup, Soluto, and one of the first products I purchased was Advanced Installer. This product is very smart, clean, lean and mean. I love it. I must add that only few developers can really appreciate "the art of installers" - As a former user of other packaging and installation tools I can say that your product is the best.

Ishay - CTO & Co-Founder, Soluto

I was using another software installer product (market leader) for a long time. I suddenly recognized that it took me a lot of time in maintaining the configuration in order to install the product. This changed when I switched to Advanced Installer. I can now do more with less efforts and this for a reasonable price! Moreover, support services are awesome.

Matthias Urech - Founder, Interface Development

We are extremely impressed and satisfied with Advanced Installer. I wish I found it years ago. Previously we paid much more for other products [...], yet they where extremely difficult (tedious) and confusing (weakly documented) for us to use. We just kept buying expensive updates, hoping each new version would be better... That was when we found, demoed, and purchased the Advanced Installer Enterprise version. Actually, its low price almost made me pass – it seemed too good to be true. Fortunately, those fears were unfounded. Compared to Advanced Installer, our old package now makes me recall the fable "The Emperor has no clothes!

Bob Bergeron, DYNO-mite Dynamometer

The creation of reliable installations that are simple and logical for the end user is essential yet many Install authoring tools on the market are complex and time consuming to use. Advanced Installer takes the pain away from creating professional installations, masking the arcane and complex nature of the Windows Installer format. I was especially impressed with its UI design capabilities. Caphyon are very supportive – helping you to create a complete installation package before you’ve even committed to pay for the product. We now use Advanced Installer for the client and server installation of our product XIA Configuration - performing database creation, SQL script execution, Windows Service installation and IIS configuration. Overall a very capable and well delivered product.

David James, CENTREL Solutions

Advanced Installer has been a powerful, market leading product that has dramatically reduced our development life cycle. It has simplified our packages and reduced our overheads, allowing us to automatically apply application add-ons and database changes with minimal amount of effort. Caphyon Support is invaluable to its customers, with a prompt response and outstanding first time fix ratio. Keep up the good work!

Nick Rawlins, IBERTEK Business Solutions Ltd

I wanted a replacement for my installer creating software (the market leader) because it had become far too complex for my needs, too expensive and the technical support was inadequate. Advanced Installer from Caphyon gives me all the functionality I need at an affordable price. Crucially, their technical support by email is prompt, authoritative and friendly. As a further sign of their commitment to their customers, when I had a hard disk crash and lost the installation and with it my record of the installation key, I supplied proof of purchase by email and within a couple of hours they had supplied me with a key and I was up and running again. Try their 30 day trial to see if Advanced Installer meets your needs. If it does, go for it - Caphyon will not let you down.

Steve Miller, Maia Learning Systems

I recently purchased your Advanced Installer Enterprise edition and just wanted to let you know that your product ROCKS!!!. I’ve been an Install Shield Express customer for 5 years and recently tried Install Aware which was a disaster. Your product is much easier to use and I was able to take advantage of all the features with very little learning curve. I am very satisfied with the product features and the price was very reasonable! I’m thankful that I was able to find an alternative to the other vendors.

Rickie George, Microix, Inc.

I always dreaded building MSI installers. MSI build tools are not only expensive and very complex to use but also required signing to a complex pricing scheme. In frustration I downloaded the free version of Advanced Installer. Thanks to the wizard, within one hour of downloading it, I was able to build a fully working server product installer. Now with the Pro version we are doing .NET GAC installation, windows service installation, environment variable settings to registry updates with a complex pre-condition checks through intuitive UI and wizards that eliminated costly field installation errors. And when I needed a support, helpful email response came back within an hour of writing. I recommend Advanced Installer to anyone who has the same dread as I have.

Manabu Tokunaga, Imorgon Medical, LLC

Your solution worked incredibly well and taught me just how simple AI really is compared to IS, IA, WA and all the other 2 letter product names out there. Out of the many setup authoring tools evaluated recently, AI had the shortest learning curve - thanks to its intuitive UI, rock solid application thats hard to fault and a top notch support team to back you up if the plethora of documentation isn't enough.


We are a small company so the productivity of our tools is important. Advanced Installer and its support team have made complex multi-msi installs a breeze. Our applications need SQL Server co-installs, scripts to be run and other customised actions and AI handles all of this with ease. Thanks must also go to a wonderfully patient support team who is always ready to help the new user. Purchasing AI will be one of your best investment decisions you will have made.

Geoff Schaller, Software Objectives

Thanks for the free Advanced Installer tool, a breeze to use!
[Built a package in about 1/2 an hour.. took me 4 WEEKS to build a Debian package .. :]
I have 3 decades programming experience. I know a good piece of software when I see it. It not only worked out of the box with very little investment of time ... the package it created did too (I left out one file which was easily fixed).

John Skaller, Felix Language

Advanced Installer is the product I have been seeking for a very long time. It is intuitive; with only a brief perusal of the Help pages you can create impressive professional installers within a short time. Embedding digital signatures is built right in and is an easy matter of filling in a few lines of data. With Advanced Installer you can be as creative as you like customizing the banner and dialog images to produce a unique look for your installation packages that reflects your company. Advanced Installer takes care of everything so you can spend more time on your own software.

Sam Bellotto Jr., CROSSDOWN

I have to admit I am very impressed at how simple Advanced Installer is to use. My company distributes several different applications for Windows ranging from Win2000 to Win2003 Advanced Server. The cost savings are tremendous compared to other products and the interface much less complicated. I completely duplicated an Installshield package in less than 10 minutes! It took about a day to work it out using Installshield. I am very satisfied with Advanced Installer and it is working out great!

I want to say how much I liked Advanced Installer over Wise Enterprise. Within 10 mins I had generated a custom installer for my program. I was never able to get Wise to do what your software has done for me in 1/10th the time. I highly recommend this software to everyone. The fonts used are easy to read, and the menus are well laid out and intuitive. The program guides you step by step. 5 stars!

Sean T. Pinkerton, Orchid INC

Many thanks for such a fantastic product. Windows Installer always seemed far too over-engineered and it was often easier and quicker just to write an installer from scratch in C++. Advanced Installer changes that, well done!

James H Clark - Director, JHC Software Limited

You guys rock! You're one of the most responsive software companies I've encountered.

Advanced Installer is great - I mean it's free and easy to learn. It's quick an reliable and it tops a lot of other installer software around. And I know them all.

Gabriel Rotar, Beta Tester

Advanced Installer is fantastic! I was able to learn how to use it quickly, and it provides very stable and reliable end use performance. Also, technical support is fast, friendly, and high quality. Within a short time from purchase I prepared several installers for client projects using Advanced Installer, and my customers were very happy with the fast and easy to use installer packages they received. This is the best Windows Installer authoring tool I have seen.

Stewart Engelman, Champlain Micro Systems

Advanced Installer Professional is a stunning product. So easy to use you don’t need to be a top developer to prepare your end product ready to install. Advanced Installer gives the impression of being one step ahead of users’ needs. And you get it all for a very competitive price.

Bostjan Maljevec, Eunomia

Developing Java applications has a unique problem; how to get the application installed on the target platform. For Mac OSX and UNIX generally it's easy because those platforms usually have a JVM installed. For Windows, the Advanced Installer for Java takes care of this by installing the application as well as a JVM if necessary making Java applications a reality for the general Windows user.

Mike Coble, Smiling Dog Apps

I love Advanced Installer for Java product. I tried it against one of my opensource projects and wrapped it up in under 30 minutes. The results are beautiful and give my application the professional look I desire.

Gregory Smith, Algor Group

I like the approach of Advanced Installer: quick, simple and powerful. The shield and wise products create the full blown development environments but even with their resources the products are dodgy to say the least. And this is free!!! Well that's just a bonus.

Igoe David MMUk, Waters Corporation