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Product Installation Activity

How many downloads are actually installed?Uninstall metrics as a starting point for your retention strategy.See how efficient are your upgrade methods.

Uninstall Surveys

See top uninstall reasons from lost users.Win back users by showing them a solution they could not find.Build a better solution, use the feedback.

User base

Reveal the total number of active users.Are users switching fast enough to a newly released version?How many users are affected by your changes in a particular version?

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User System Environment

Reveal user's default language and smart localize your software.Focus development efforts based on OS distribution, platform bits wide or Windows Installer versions.Analyze the hardware specs of your users and revise the minimum system requirements.

Install Errors

Catch errors during package install, as soon as they leak into production.Observe how stability is trending. Are new versions increasing or reducing crashes.While exceptions won't crash your app, they are still very valuable events to measure.

Unfulfilled Requirements

Reveal blocker launch conditions on your client's machine.Expose missing prerequisites.Cut redundant data and reduce your install package.

Easily explore relationships between your users' behavior and the geographic data.

Reveal your top locations by installs.Discover audiences with the number of installs per country.Ascertain territory rights, adapt payment strategies and marketing campaigns.

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