MSIX Succinctly Book

MSIX Succinctly

by Matteo Pagani

Everything you need to know about MSIX for developers

Are you in charge of building the installer for your application? Here is everything you need to know about the innovative MSIX!

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Announced in 2018, at Windows Developers Days, MSIX is Microsoft’s vision for a complete containerized solution for desktop packaging, a new universal package format designed for Windows 10 apps.

Advanced Installer was launching partner for MSIX technology.

Author's note

The complex and dynamic world we’re living in is becoming a challenge, especially for business-critical applications. Users are more tech-savvy today, and they expect more from an application. Security challenges are increasing day by day, and as the number of users grows, applications need to scale accordingly.

The developers need to adjust to this dynamic and they can do that by being able to work on an application without completely rewriting it, to focus on the components that need to be enhanced, or to use the same deployment techniques of modern application for classic desktop applications.

I hope this ebook helps you understand better how Windows 10 can help you take Windows applications to the next level without having to rewrite them with the help of MSIX technology.
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Matteo Pagani,
Windows AppConsult engineer at Microsoft

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Book’s table of contents

  • 1.  Introduction to MSIX
  • 2.  Packaging Your Applications with the MSIX Packaging Tool
  • 3.  Modification Packages
  • 4.  The Package Support Framework
  • 5.  Packaging Your Applications with Visual Studio
  • 6.  Move your Application Forward with MSIX
  • 7.  Distribute Your MSIX Packages
  • 8.  DevOps for Windows Desktop Applications with MSIX