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Advanced Installer Express helps IT Pros create MSIX packages from any desktop applications (MSI, APPX, App-V, EXE).

Getting Started with MSIX?
Read our comprehensive MSIX Introduction 24-chapter guide.

Repackage your installer to MSIXRepackage your installer to MSIX

Convert your current MSI/EXE package into the new MSIX/APPX format to publish it in the Windows Store, or sideloaded directly on the end-users machines. No code rewriting needed.

Create MSIX, APPX MSI, App-V, EXE - all from the same projectCreate MSIX, APPX MSI, App-V, EXE - all from the same project

Create simple packages within Advanced Installer and use them free for them both for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Dedicated GUIDedicated GUI

Get full control over the contents of your MSIX(APPX) package with a dedicated GUI. Customize it in minutes.
Check our YouTube video on how to do it.

Packaging OptionsPackaging Options
  • Convert any installer into an MSIX using our advanced repackaging engine. Generate a new MSIX package by directly adding your own files into a new empty project.
  • Import and customize existing APPX or MSIX packages.
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Together from the beginning

Advanced Installer comprises, now, over two years of strong advancements since October 2018 when we have been Microsoft launching partners for MSIX technology. We stick true to our mission to provide our customers with powerful yet easy to use packaging solutions.

Microsoft is proud to be working with 3rd parties like Advanced Installer to extend the current platform capabilities with innovative solutions for all Windows developers.
Andrew Clinick, Group Program Manager at Microsoft
MSIX Packaging Tool complementary features

Complementing the MSIX Packaging Tool

With the help of the MSIX team from Microsoft, we built Advanced Installer Express edition to cover all the missing features from Microsoft's MSIX Packaging Tool. Here are the most important ones:

  • Shortcut arguments
  • One-click digital signature support
  • Detection of high-level constructs, like file type associations or firewall rules and mapping those entries accordingly in the AppXManifest file
  • PSF (Package Support Framework) integration
  • Generate a conversion project: reload, edit and rebuild your MSIX package in seconds
  • Build MSIX and MSI/EXE packages from the same project

Get the most from packaging with Advanced Installer

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