MSI & MSIX Software Repackager

Advanced Installer functionality for converting legacy installations into MSIX, MSI, APP-V. All from one single project.

  • Repackage Installations on Virtual Machines | Local or Remote Machines | Docker Containers
  • Generate Multiple Outputs From a Single Project
  • Repackager Automation
  • Smart Scanning Algorithm & Embedded MSI Detection
  • Custom Templates
  • Screenshots and Notes integrated assistant
*included in Advanced Installer Architect
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“Advanced Installer is an amazing solution that makes my job easier: I can repackage the app easily, create MST files for MSI files, deploy them through MDT or SCCM and even add customizations to the original app”


How Does the Repackager Work?

  • 1. The Repackager launches the installer and starts capturing system installation changes
  • 2. It saves the snapshots as sessions and generates a dedicated Repackager project
  • 3. Customize the Repackager project in Advanced Installer
  • 4. Generate multiple packages as needed

With Advanced Installer Repackager thousands of IT Professionals are modernizing legacy installations

Running Installations on Docker Containers | Virtual Machines | Local or Remote Machines

Advanced Installer Repackager can capture an installation running on:

Local Machine


Virtual Machines

  • Reduce the application repackaging and testing time
  • Get accurate captures and consistent results for each new package
  • Native integrations: VMware and Hyper-V
  • It allows you to manage snapshots for restoring, controlling, provisioning, creating, or saving preconfigured ones

Docker Containers

  • Repackager’s native integration for Docker provides local-machine-like performance without polluting the PC environment.
  • Easy to set up, always using a fresh container for each repackaging session

Remote Machines | Oracle VM VirtualBox

  • Native RDP connection integration for the Repackager to run inside the guest VM VirtualBox or any other Windows host
  • The remote connection is automatically established and encrypted with a digital certificate

Repackager Automation

  • The Repackager Command-Line Interface reduces time-consuming operations by:
    • Automating Virtual Machines Management
    • Invoking the package UI
    • Bypassing manual steps
  • Use the command-line interface for configuring:
    • Product Information
    • Package Deployment
    • System Snapshots
    • Customise settings

Smart Scanning Algorithm & Embedded MSI Detection

  • Advanced Installer Repackager automatically detects the embedded MSI installs, extracts them, and stops the repackaging process. In this way, you avoid repackaging MSI wrappers and apply best practices to your installation package.
  • During the system capture operation, the Repackager uses a smart scanning algorithm to fine-tune the accuracy of the repackaging process.
  • The Smart Scanning algorithm detects and preserves high-level constructs like:
        • Services
        • Drivers
        • File Associations
        • Environment Variables
        • Assemblies
        • Scheduled tasks
        • Windows Firewall Settings
  • Additionally, you can record unwanted system changes due to background running applications by taking file and registry snapshots without installing any software. You can use this noise recording later to filter a new system capture.

Screenshots, Notes, and Custom Templates

  • Inside the Repackager, you can record settings, take notes, and capture screenshots of the installation to simplify the documentation process and team collaboration.
  • The annotations are saved directly into the project so they cannot be lost when transferring them from one colleague to another
  • Repackager Custom Templates automate the day to day repackaging process without performing the same manual settings for each package

Repackager Quality Assessment/Configuration Manager

  • The assessment is done by comparing the output package with the original installation.
  • Full control of the generated package by choosing what resources to be excluded, included from the new package

Only with Advanced Installer Architect


Generate Multiple MSI, MSIX, APP-V Outputs From a Single Package Project

Advanced Installer Repackager helps you leverage a single repackaging session and generate multiple outputs.

Once the installation capture is complete, you have the option to further customize the package according to your deployment needs.

All the necessary files and resources for the project are automatically imported to your selected output folder, so the new project will not have any dependencies on the installation you have just captured.


The Fastest Repackaging Tool on the Market

Advanced Installer Repackager is continuously under extensive tests where we are using competitors’ tools to repackage the same application under the same virtual machines.

The most recent performance test shows that the Advanced Installer Repackager engine works 5 times faster than the tested competitors.


Customer Support and Frequent Product Updates

Advanced Installer is the best known for its outstanding customer support team.

We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount to success so being customer-oriented is what keeps us staying true to our mission.

The computing environment is ever-changing and Advanced Installer keeps up to date with the latest changes in the packaging industry by releasing a new version every month.