ImportInstaller Import

When creating MSI setups it is of great help if you can get a head start and don't have to start from scratch. Advanced Installer's powerful import capabilities allow you to leverage your existing installers and projects by importing or converting them into Advanced Installer projects.

App-V package import

Advanced Installer imports App-V 4.x, 5.x packages allowing further customization but also giving you the possibility to convert them to App-V 4.5, App-V 5.x or .MSI.

Visual Studio project import

Jump-start your product installer by importing your existing Microsoft Visual Studio project. Advanced Installer will auto-detect names, files and dependencies, instantly designing a setup tailored to your application, which you can then further customize.

Visual Studio Setup project import

Leverage the time and resources you may have already spent on your installer by quickly converting your existing Visual Studio Setup projects to Advanced Installer and within seconds take advantage of the countless additional features it offers.

InstallShield LE and WISE project import

Easily upgrade your existing InstallShield LE or WISE installer projects to Advanced Installer ensuring your package will be ready for deployment in just a few minutes.

WiX project import

Simplify your installer development by upgrading to Advanced Installer. Take your WiX projects and easily move them to a GUI-driven, fully-featured IDE.

Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA project import

Simply point Advanced Installer to your Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA workspace. It will automatically detect projects and their dependencies, instantaneously creating native installers for your Java applications, complete with native launchers.

MSI/MSM import

Import third party MSI installers and MSM merge modules into your own existing or newly created Advanced Installer projects. Complementing the Prerequisites capability, this feature allows you to:

  • Re-package external products and modules
  • Customize the intimate details of their behavior
  • Unify several installers into a single one

Visual Basic 6.0, RAD Studio and Real Studio application import

Set the basic installer configuration your application needs in a few seconds. Importing applications developed in Visual Basic 6.0, RAD Studio and Real Studio environments is clean white magic mastered by Advanced Installer's wizards.

Windows Store App import

Import, edit and digitally sign existing AppX packages using the friendly Advanced Installer GUI.

ThinApp Project Folder import

Import and configure ThinApp projects fast and easy.

Inno Setup and NSIS project import

Switch to Windows Installer easier than ever before by importing your Inno Setup or NSIS projects. Move to MSI setups without wasting the effort already spent.


Advanced Installer's fully-featured Repackager allows you to capture any installation using any installer technology and repackage them as Windows Installer-based MSI setups.

This feature is available starting with the Freeware Suite. See more features.