Advanced Installer includes an automatic updater that can check for, download and install updates for your software.

Learn!Auto Updater tutorial
Follow the introductory tutorial to create a working sample

Secure, reliable Web or Local updates

  • Automatic usage of proxy
  • Updates integrity checks using file size and MD5 signatures
  • HTTP authentication and HTTPS support for secure update access
  • Optional server-side license check before downloading updates
  • Install only digitally signed update packages signed with the same certificate as the Updater

ImportantThe HTTP authentication support and on-line license check allow you to restrict update access to verified paid customers, cutting off users without genuine licenses.

Small and flexible updater client

  • Pure, native C++ Win32 code - no arcane scripts to learn
  • Single EXE file, with no additional dependencies
  • Localizable in all the supported languages.
  • Customizable file name and other properties (icon, etc.)

Visual Updates Editor

After all settings are specified in the GUI, the project is built into a lightweight property/value format (INI text files) configuration file. This file format is small to download and it doesn't require separate parsing, thus resulting in a smaller, faster updater.

Fully integrated in your application and OS

  • Run from application menu or at a fixed number of days when the application is started
  • Run the Updater from the Windows Scheduler service using the integrated Task Scheduler
  • Run minimized to tray
  • Optional silent download and unattended install of critical or all updates

Improved end-user update experience

  • Allow users to specify and overwrite update frequency and times
  • Shut-down compliant applications before updating and restart them afterwards, similarly to Vista 's Restart Manager.
  • Update advertising

Each update can have an included description, together with a list of the features, enhancements and bug fixes provided. These will be displayed nicely formatted to the user when he is prompted to update.

Toast Notifications

Notify your users and keep them up to date with the latest version of your application via a toast notification (no code writing needed).

Updater for UWP packages

Our classic Auto-Updater has been upgraded for Windows 10 and UWP. Now you can use it to automatically update sideloaded MSIX/AppX packages.

This feature is available starting with the Professional Suite. See more features.